How I got rid of my k-drama addiction?

Well I was once a k-drama addict, & watched over 60+ dramas in 2-3 these two months while the whole world is running on I was in front of my laptop watching k-dramas without sleeping / eating / working{/studying} etc... Do you know when I realized it I have tons of pending work{which I never usually have..}, lost some of my memory😂😂, not understanding what to do...

So if you are also similar to me then you are also addicted to k-dramas....there is no reason to deny it. Accept it that makes you decrease your addiction.

You know what? Watching a good k-drama is the best way to relax yourself or relieve your stress. When you started to see you will even forget your problems if it is a funny/serious/..some other genre drama. But some times we can't stop watching one after another dramas...{like I liked Lee Do-hyun's acting in Hotel del Luna so I watched him in 18 again[in this case I watched 2 only{as he is new} but some times for example. lee jong suk I watched 9-10 at a time} [This ain't a good sign!!].

Now let's know some of the reasons to know if you are being addicted to k-drama or not....

How to know whether you are addicted to k-dramas or not?

  1. Thinking you will stop after watching this episode but watched entire drama...🤣🤣
  2. Spending entire night🌃 watching dramas...😴💤
  3. Wanting to know more / being self updated about your favorite actor / actress ..
  4. You cancelled your plans because of a drama😎
  5. You stopped watching your country's shows / movies & don't like them{not in everyone's case}
  6. Using Korean words by mistake when taking to your friends...👀{in case of non-Koreans}
  7. You don't have any crushes in your school...😂😂😂{I mean after watching k-dramas}
  8. You feel sad and lost when you finish a series {like lost in a black-hole⚫}
  9. Thinking about dramas in your workplace / school🏢
  10. Singing along OST{not in every one's case}🎶🎶
  11. Subbing for dramas{not in every one's case}
  12. Buying k-drama merchandise{not in every one's case}
  13. Learning Korean language....{not in every one's case}
  14. Dreaming about Korean life ..
  15. You are excited when someone talks about k-dramas😲😲

Oh there are so many....If you have more than 6 of them you are officially a K-Drama addict!!!! Are there any mistakes / improvements? So are you an k-drama addict? what's the reason.....Let us know in comment section..

In the above image👆👆, image owner said that the only treatment is constant medication with increasing doses of more's true as you will complete all dramas in 2-3 months & see 1-2 per week.

Now let's know why are k-dramas so addictive? and what's the reason?....

Why are k-dramas so addictive?

Korean dramas are most popular these days. There is an increase in audience of international countries from 2015-2016...K-dramas are so popular that stories from k-dramas are getting adaptions from Hollywood & others...

Reasons for why are k-dramas addictive :

k-drama addiction example / source
  1. Actually k-dramas are not real but some of plots describe about truth {sometimes entire drama} those makes you watch it becoz you have already experienced it...
  2. Handsome / beautiful cast....🎭👩‍🎤👨‍🎤
  3. Background music that gets you hooked to that drama while a kiss scene / fight ...etc 🎼🎧🎙
  4. Some of dialogues in dramas that made you feel like how can a writer write that??✍
  5. Fashionable outfits{not in everyone's case}👗
  6. Amazing stories that you will never expect!!!
  7. Humor that gets you hooked{sometimes entire drama is funny, & I love it}🤣
  8. Nice graphics in supernatural dramas📽
  9. Superb viewing experience
  10. Feast in k-dramas🤤
  11. The cinematography🎦
  12. Locations that make you wanna go there
  13. Kiss scenes💏💋
  14. New pairings
  15. Family / friendship based dramas👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

After this entire time we are finally getting to know how I got over my k-drama addiction..

How I got over my k-drama addiction :

No matter what I do, how bad I think about k-dramas I still watch k-dramas😭😭.At this time of my life I am not even understanding what I should do?? I am getting addicted over & over at that time these are the ways I decreased my k-drama addiction....

1.Started using MyDramalist!!!


After reading the above sub-heading you might thinking what the heck am I talking about read the below para to know more....

  1. When you are going to start a drama you will read about it's story , cast , etc... and you can use comment / review section that will make you watch dramas that are useful only {not starting a useless drama & dropping it}
  2. Here you can add what are the dramas you have watched / dropped / plan to watch /... so you can have everything organized...
  3. If you are watching more dramas them when you see your profile{& see time watched} then you will get aware that you are wasting your time...

Be my friend on mydramalist here.

2.Just keep on watching until you get sick of it...

Just keep on watching until you get sick of it

As mentioned above I watched 60+ dramas in 2-3 months while doing nothing except watching when I completed 70-80 dramas my taste changed I watched dramas that are superb only{or else dropped}...while I completed almost 80 dramas in 2-3 months it took me 3 months to watch 12 more dramas

  • Who knows maybe you will also get sick of it one day....
  • Or else realize that entire world is running but you are wasting your time & start studying/working...

3.Find another hobbies / other work that is as exciting as k-dramas...

Note while choosing a hobby :

  • Don't choose watching/blogs/vlogs/etc...anything about k-dramas...
Hobby / source

As choosing any hobby makes you think less about dramas and slowly you can get rid of it.

These made me watch K-dramas less....but these doesn't work for let's know other ways that might work for you.....

Other ways to quit k-dramas :

These are ways I didn't used but might be helpful to you....

1.Being a workaholic or schoolaholic....

Our puppy Winston is always curious, especially with everything we’re doing.  Fairly often he wants right up close to the laptop when I have it on my lap.  This day I had it on the couch where he was and his curiosity with the screen allowed me to make this photo.
Photo by Kyle Hanson / Unsplash

As my drama period started while the world is in lock down{corona virus} I didn't get to do this....anyway if lock down isn't there I wouldn't have even watched dramas....

This might be so much helpful as you keep yourself busy & forget about drama / virtual life...

2.Get a real boyfriend / girlfriend ...💑


Actually I want to get a girlfriend but I just didn't do it / maybe not found one.....

As both live in real world / you will be afraid to tell your partner & quit it....if you get a girlfriend/boyfriend who also watches dramas don't think you will quit dramas.

3.Get a true job / dream job

True job

Get yourself a true job or dream job , then you will quit k-dramas on your own....

4.Use productivity apps in phones / laptops...

Productivity / source

Install cold turkey blocker / focus me / etc... in your pc & lock me out / forest /etc... in phone these blockers won't let you hack them so you can keep a block and stop watching dramas ..

Hope you will be also able to stop your addiction over k-dramas...

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