4 Reasons to watch 18 Again K-Drama

Those who like k-drama will be so glad to know there is another new drama to catch....

18 Again Details :

Ratings :

  • Mydramalist : 8.3 / 10 {as of dec-2020}
  • Viki Rakuten : 9.0 / 10 {as of dec-2020}
  • IMDB : 8.1 / 10 {as of dec-2020}
  • Episode Ratings in korea....

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***

18 Again / Image from Viki

When I first saw the above image I thought that this isn't a drama for me......But after watching the trailer👇👇 I thought of starting this drama and guess what it's superb

18 Again is a South Korean television series based on the 2009 film 17 Again by Jason Filardi.

18 again is a drama which is based on comedy, romance, fantasy, Youth..

This story follows a husband who suddenly returned to his golden days, when he was 18, right before filing for divorce from his wife. Hong Dae-young was a basketball star in his high school days. He was a genius who attracted the spotlight with his basketball skills. However, the 37-year-old him is merely an ordinary man. While he was regretting his life, he returned to his 18-year-old body with his 37-year-old soul. He changes his name to Go Woo-young, and started living his new life using this second identity.[source:iQIYI]

Mydramalist statistics for 18 again k-drama

After reading the story you will think that this ain't a story for you because it's about husband & wife which isn't for me.....Actually I also thought the same....But see in the above image even 13-24 age liked this drama......

Here are the four reasons to watch 18 again k-drama....

1.Lee Do Hyun is the main lead.....

Lee Do hyun in 18 again / source

Lee do Hyun is now one of top raising actor in korea......I first saw him in Hotel del Luna, actually I was impressed by his acting at the first moment....then I saw are there any more of his dramas but there are none😭😭{as main lead},Luckily lee do hyun is having so many main role dramas now.....like 18 again, sweet home{airing soon}, etc... So I just added him as favourite and left.....but after seeing his 18 again drama again now I am a die hard fan of him.....

Lee do hyun in 18 again

Not only me I saw so many people liked Lee do Hyun's acting in 18 again {in mydramalist comments}.

2.It's having so many comedy scenes.....

Actually this drama is one of comedy genre drama I have watched......If you see the above video then you might understand why I am saying this is a good drama...!!

Trust me and don't care about first half an hour{1st episode..} of the drama I bet you will also like this drama....

3.Flash back scenes are beautiful......

Han so Eun in 18 again / source

Spoiler alert : Here han so eun & lee do hyun are childhood classmates....

Viewers would definitely expect a certain amount of flashback scenes to set the tone of the drama. So far, we have seen some flashback scenes of when the main leads were still in school.

We found ourselves wanting more so we could catch a glimpse of teen lee do hyun and han so eun, as well as what their relationship was like back then.

Lee do Hyun & Han so eun in 18 again

4.Father-Son relationship.....


In this drama father-son relationship is so touching. It taught me so many lessons....maybe it will for you too.....

Lee Do Hyun also shared that filming the drama made him reflect on his own relationship with his father—and had even inspired him to be more vocal in expressing his love for his dad in real life.“My favorite scene is the one in which I reveal to my father in the middle of a basketball match that I’m Hong Dae Young, and we’re able to resolve the misunderstandings that had endured up until then,” he commented.“Throughout filming for the drama, I kept thinking a lot about my own father,” he went on, “and I made an effort to become a more affectionate son.” Lee Do Hyun added fondly, “I think it was a drama that was able to shatter certain stereotypes about father-son relationships.” Source : Soompi / by lee do Hyun...

Warning : Contains spoilers!!!!! / but a must watch...!!!

Where to watch 18 Again ??

  • You can watch 18 again on Rakuten VIKI here.
  • You can watch 18 again on Netflix here{Don't know what happened maybe Netflix removed 18 again drama}
  • ......on iflix here{not available in every region}
  • ......on iQIYI here{not available in every region}
  • ......on viu here

18 again on illegal / unsecure sites....

  • If you are that interested in illegal sites[or having trouble in legal sites] then I would recommend Koreandrama.es , watch 18 again here .
  • You can watch 18 again on Kissasian here 1, here 2, here 3, here 4, here 5, here 6{ I didn't kept kissasian links that contain too many ads & popups which are highly insecure.....if you want those you can search them in google}
  • .......on Dramacool here 1, here 2, here 3, here 4{Same as above, some are eliminated}
  • ......on Asiantaxi.su here.

[ Note : These links may be broken at any second, because of copyright issues or other issues ]

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I hope you will watch this drama as it's superb....

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See you in next article until then Bye Bye... / Lee do Hyun in 18 again / source
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